Dr. Gregory Woeste

Cincinnati Health Institute was created through the evolving vision and beliefs of Dr. Gregory Woeste. Dr. Woeste graduated from LaSalle High School in 1979. During his youth Dr. Woeste was an avid athlete and nterested in optimal health and wellness. He spent his undergraduate education at the University of Cincinnati and earned his B.S. in Psychology in 1985.

Dr. Woeste had an intense interest in the mind/body connection at this point, which guided his decision to pursue a doctorate degree in chiropractic care at National College, graduating in 1989. He has significant postgraduate education in orthopedics, nutrition and alternative healthcare. He has been able to help thousands of patients throughout his 30 year career.

One of the benefits of having been practicing for 25+ years is that Dr. Woeste has been able to learn and change his preferred methods of care to best suit his patients, by witnessing firsthand the most effective treatments and protocol.

In 1993 he established Cincinnati Health Institute as a way of educating people about natural health care solutions. His primary goal was to empower his patients to discover effective natural solutions to their health care needs.

He accomplishes this in his practice and through the supplements he prescribes, by attempting to educate and understand every patient he comes into contact with. He believes a sustainable health care model is not possible without a means of ending the massive abuse of medication, along with the addiction and life-threatening side effects they produce.