Why Bother With Supplements?
A Healthy Diet Isn't Always Enough

Why Bother with supplements?

Why not just rely on a healthy diet? Ideally, a well-balanced healthy diet, full of fruits, vegetables, and reasonable amounts of whole grains, and protein would provide all of our vitamin and nutrient needs. At Cincinnati Health Institute we want to give you solid reasons why you need to take supplements.

Our research revealed 5 reasons why it is important for your health to take supplements.

5 Reasons to Supplement

1) The soil has been depleted of nutrients. Over time, as commercial agriculture and modern farming techniques have increased, the quality of the soil has declined.

2) Water quality has been compromised and contaminated, affecting available minerals and other nutrients necessary for good health.

3) High grain and dairy diets offer insufficient nutrients.

4) Environmental toxins increase the need for nutrients to counteract the toxic environment we live in.

5) Age-related metabolism, absorption, and disease state issues demand additional vitamins.