The Importance of B Vitamins
"B" Healthy and Achieve Optimal Wellness

In our office, we all take B vitamins. You’ll find it on each of our desks. We like B-complex by Nutriplex Formulas which contains those foods determined to be high in B vitamins. You receive the ENTIRE complex of B vitamins and no synthetics or chemicals. Actual food comes with enzymes and co-factors to process the nutrients in that particular food. If enzymes and co-factors don’t come with the vitamins you are taking it must pull those from other processes in the body. All natural, organic, whole food vitamins and supplements are ALWAYS going to be superior to synthetics.

“B” Healthy, “B” Smart

You need certain B vitamins to process others, so a complex just makes sense. For example, when other B vitamins become deficient, particularly folic acid and vitamin B12, absorption of vitamin B1 is compromised. So, having a good amount of B1 won't matter if you don't also have adequate amounts of folic acid and B12. Having severe vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to diarrhea, compromising absorption of other nutrients. Hence, the need for a B complex, rather than a B12 only type of supplement. At times targeted supplements of B12 or B6 can be a good idea, but starting with the complex is key to optimal health.

Why are B vitamins important?

To keep things simple, we are referring to the vitamin B-complex as a whole, with the understanding that it encompasses 8 B vitamins (see chart below). This complex helps to convert our food into fuel. Our body uses all parts of the B complex for different key functions of its electrical, energy producing cycle. These functions encompass everything from brain function to digestion to nerve transmission.

Many people mistakenly think it is the B vitamins themselves that energize, but it is actually that they assist in the conversion of food to fuel, which can have an energizing effect to some.

While most vitamins are fat soluble, B vitamins are water soluble. Your body can’t store them in your fat cells like other vitamins and use them later. A healthy varied diet is always preferable for our nutrition needs, but it isn’t always possible. Busy schedules, inconsistent eating habits, aging, and less vitamins overall in our food supply from commercial farming makes it very hard to consistently get the amount of B vitamins we need.

One thing is for certain, taking a B complex supplement can only add to your quest for optimal health and wellness and the odds of getting enough through diet alone aren't good. Check out the table below for more detailed information about the different parts of the B complex and how they can affect your health.