Hangover Rescue
Natural Solutions to an Age Old Problem


In honor of Cinco de Mayo, and by popular demand, we have created a list of some tried and true natural hangover remedies. Having a few too many drinks doesn’t have to mean you feel terrible the next day. Not knowing your limit is a mistake we’ve all made, but there are some natural remedies that can help. First, let’s understand what is happening to make you feel so bad.

Drinking alcohol produces two extremely toxic compounds, malondialdehyde, and acetaldehyde. These two little scoundrels generate massive free radical damage to cells throughout the body. Your body’s response (hangover) is normal, as it tries to offset the presence of too much alcohol in your system. There are healthy, natural alternatives to counteract this damage and to help ease the other nasty symptoms of drinking too much.
We hate to be captain obvious…

First and foremost, we should mention water! Alcohol is a diuretic and if you don’t drink water before, during and after drinking, you WILL feel hung over. Try some of the ideas below, but just staying hydrated is half the battle. Even better, try coconut milk to restore electrolyte levels that have been depleted while drinking.

Finish your night with a different type of shot...

Wheatgrass is a natural detoxifier. It cleanses the body's blood and water, hydrating and invigorating the cells. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass helps clear your insides out, naturally deodorizing, amplifying wound healing, maintaining pH balance, nourishing the intestines, and delivering powerful antioxidants and enzymes to support the body both inside and out. Drink a glass at the end of the night for instant detoxification and hydration, then again, the morning after to further detox and energize. Wheatgrass is the #1 ingredient in Green Nutrients, one of our favorite products. Give it a “shot”!

Now don’t go finding your favorite redhead to drink with and think it will help a hangover…
We’re talking about the root of the Ginger plant. For centuries, people have taken ginger to reduce nausea and vomiting. Try nibbling crystallized ginger in the aftermath of a night of drinking. The National Institute of Health reveals early research indicates that consuming a combination of ginger, tangerine pith, and brown sugar before drinking decreases nausea and vomiting. Try UltraNutrient by pure Encapsulations for a huge dose of ginger and other hangover-helping nutrients!

Just rub this all over and you’ll barely notice your hangover…

No really, don’t do that, but the extract is awesome. While it’s still being tested, one study has shown that taking 1,600 IU of prickly pear extract five hours before drinking reduces the risk of a severe hangover by 50 percent.

Makes you wonder if Winnie the Poo could have been hiding something from us…

Honey is one of those hot “miracle” foods that has many applications, and hangover help is one of them! The fructose in the sweet stuff helps your body metabolize the alcohol more efficiently and contains potassium, one of those important electrolytes diminished by drinking a little too much. If you’re in a bad way, you can take two to six teaspoons of it every 20 minutes or until you feel better.

Have fun, but don’t “B” foolish, this “B” vitamin can make all the difference…

Alcohol seriously depletes this vitamin and produces the same symptoms as non-alcoholic thiamine deficiency, i.e. lethargy fatigue, impaired awareness loss of equilibrium, disorientation, memory loss (some call this “time traveling” ….). What was once determined to be part of the toxic effects of ethanol (the good stuff in alcohol) consumption, is now just thought to be the effects of severe thiamine deficiency. Thiamine deficiency is believed to be the culprit of brain degeneration in alcoholics. Try Bio-GGG-B for thiamine and more!
We hope that we didn't completely scare you away from enjoying a drink now and then. When you realize the damage even one night of drinking can do, it makes sense to use some natural remedies to alleviate symptoms and free radical damage. Now go have fun! We support health and having a good time!