Vitamin B
The Importance of the B Complex

Vitamin B Complex has around 25 members with 11 being the most common (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 etc).

In nature all the B members exist as one complex molecule with cofactors and enzymes. They never exist as a single Vitamin B isolated from the rest. Almost all B Vitamins sold in the market are not natural, but are synthetic fractions. If your purchased brand lists each vitamin fraction separately, they are synthetic and not natural.

If you look at the chromatogram you will notice significant differences in the synthetic (left) and whole food (right). The whole vitamin chromatogram shows jagged borders and strong radiations. This is indicative of natural factors and vitamin and mineral activity. The synthetic version does not include these important variations in structure, because it is only a fraction of the vitamin B.

We use B FOOD COMPLEX by NutriPlex Formulas which is a natural, whole food supplement, containing all the Vitamin B members, including the necessary cofactors and enzymes.