Vitamin C

Vitamin C is often misunderstood because people think ascorbic acid, what we see in parenthesis on a vitamin bottle, is Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is actually only a small fraction of the whole Vitamin C molecule, commonly called an isolate, but is able to be chemically extracted from the whole C molecule. Real,whole Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid, J, K, and P factors, rutin, cofactors, and enzymes.

We have many great vitamin C products available in our store and clinic. A great option is OPTIMAL WHOLE C by Optimal Health Systems. It is the first chewable, whole food, high potency dose, vitamin C ever produced. It tastes great! One chewable tablet is almost equivalent to eating three oranges.

The only 100% whole C vitamin formula we have found are in Nutriplex's Flavo-C and Caro-C formulas. Flavo-C is chock full of bioflavonoids – powerful antioxidants which restore oxygen to our bodies – and Vitamin C, making it a powerful formula for repairing and preventing cellular damage as well as slowing down the aging process. Caro-C helps keep skin, veins, gums, lungs, and arteries younger, stronger and more vibrant. Vitamin A + C manufacture the building blocks of your cellular structures. When those structures become weathered, more Vitamin A + C are needed to rebuild.

Another great option is Liposomal C by DesBio. DesBio offers an incredible product line only offered to medical professionals and their patients. Vitamin C Liposomal provides a therapeutic dose of Vitamin C in a form that ensures efficient absorption.

Vitamin C, as a whole, is a powerful nutrient and antioxidant! It is essential to our immune system and healing process, and it reduces the damage caused by smoking and age related degeneration.

It is important in collagen production, cellular growth, and repair mechanisms. It plays a major role in endothelial cells (arterial walls), capillary-related problems (spider veins), cardiovascular problems, and bleeding gums.