Andrea Violette, DC

Dr. Violette is a chiropractic physician

and COO of C.H.I. She sees patients in

Cincinnati, OH and focuses on nutrition

for optimal health and healing.

Nikki Gourley, BS

Nikki is a Natural Educator, writer, and

director of marketing at C.H.I.

Her passion is teaching others how to

integrate nutrition, supplements,

and lifestyle changes to promote

health and wellness.

Jennifer Fern, RN BSN

Jen is a licensed nurse and director of

external affairs at C.H.I.

She is an expert in heart and

thyroid conditions and truly

believes health is your best asset.

Gregory Woeste, DC

Dr. Woeste is the Founder of C.H.I.

He is recognized as an expert in nutritional

therapies, fitness, and holistic healthcare.

He sees patients in Cincinnati, OH and

thinks everyone needs a good

supplement regimen.

Ann Marie Hammerle

Ann is the patient coordinator at C.H.I.

She is the mother of 3 boys and she

understand the importance of

health and nutrition at home.

Cinstinna Bray

Stinna plays a vital role at C.H.I.

She manages our fulfillment center and

shipping department. She is currently

studying to become a nurse.