Thanksgiving Best and Worst List!
The best and worst choices for your plate

Thanksgiving Best and Worst Foods

Happy Thanksgiving from Cincinnati Health Institute! This year we are thankful for our customers and patients. Without all of you, our mission to provide the very best supplement protocols, would be meaningless.

1) White or Dark Meat?

If you choose the white meat you'll save about 50 calories, per 3 ounce serving, and 4 grams of fat. However, nutritionally the dark meat will always have more vitamins and nutrients than white meat.

2) White Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?

While both of these spuds pack a nutritional wallop, the best choice is going to be the sweet potato. The sweet potato has 90 calories vs the white potato's 130 calories. It has less carbs and sugar, with a powerful punch of vitamin A. The white potato simply can't compete with the potency of the sweet potato. Beware of the sweet potato casserole! This recipe adds butter, brown sugar and fat!

3) Pumpkin Pie or Apple Crisp?

The Apple Crisp is definitely the way to go. The Apple Crisp weighs in at 161 calories vs 336 calories for the Pumpkin Pie. It has less carbs, sugar and fat and a healthy serving of apples. This Choice is definitely your best bet on the dessert tray. Keep an eye out for additions like whipped cream and ice cream, that can double the calorie count of certain sweet treats. When in doubt about which dessert is the best, you can't go wrong with fresh fruit from a fruit tray and just a little fruit dip.

4) Green Bean Casserole or Green Beans?

Cup for cup, green bean casserole has 3 times the calories as green beans. It is heavy with cream, whole milk and topped with french fried onion rings. A good rule of thumb to follow is that casseroles are always going to be more unhealthy, than a vegetable prepared on it's own.

Beer or Wine?

Pass on the beer. You'll get more bang for your buck with the wine. Wine has resveratrol, which is a great anti-aging and heart healthy compound. However, go light on ALL alcohol on Thanksgiving. Alcohol lowers blood sugar, which can increase cravings, the last thing you need after a day full of gorging!