Healing your gut naturally

Healing the gut naturally

At Cincinnati Health Institute we apply the 4-R Method of GI healing. The 4 R Method was developed by functional health practitioners to address the multifaceted approach required to heal the gut.

4R’s of Gut Health

1. Remove

2. Replace

3. Re-inoculate

4. Repair


The first step in healing is to remove any possible pathogens (bacteria, yeast or parasites). A simple stool sample test can easily identify what pathogens are present. One of our practitioners can then suggest the proper herbs, oils, supplement or antimicrobial to best remove the pathogens present. A study by GDSL found that 23.5% of stool samples tested positive for at least 1 parasite. The second part of removal includes removing any possible food allergens, gluten, disaccharides (lactose), alcohol and medications (NSAIDS). There are tests available to identify potential food sensitivities and allergies.

It may be hard to give up anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, but the damage they do over time simply isn't worth it when there are natural alternatives, that will encourage a healthy gut and lining, not degrade it. There may be some medications that are absolutely necessary due to health issues out of your control. In that case, there may be options to mitigate the side effects and damage they cause. These issues will be addressed on a case by case basis.

*Quick Tip: Eliminate refined/processed sugar in your diet as it feeds the BAD BACTERIA. Mucin is also an important part of the digestive track to address. Mucin lines the digestive tract and is a mucous-like substance that protects the digestive tract by acting like an antibacterial well. The mucin also stimulates our bodies to release defensins, which are antibiotic to prevent attack of bad bacteria.


Sometimes it is necessary to give your body digestive enzymes, or other gut enhancers, that it may be deficient in to stimulate a healing response. For instance, If you are eating bread or other carbs and experience bolating and gas, this can be an indicator that you need a digestive enzyme like amylase to help with digestion. Other digestive enzymes are protease, which helps in the digestion of proteins and lipase which helps in the digestion of fat. Other times the addition of HCL or a mucin booster can be necessary for the proper digestion. Mucin is a glucoprotein that forms the mucosal lining of the gut.

*Quick Tip: Mucin is the first line of defense we have to protect our gut. Eat vegetables! Eating vegetables is a one-two punch on bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Vegetables provide our bodies with inulin, a fiber which is a prebiotic and is antimicrobial. Don’t increase your fiber intake with whole grains- these have been linked to high levels of the bacteria prevotella, which will cause inflammation. Inflammation means PAIN AND DISEASE.

*Quick Tip: Use Ecological Formulas product Sialex to promote healthy Mucin.


During this stage of gut healing the goal is to replenish your gut with enough good bacteria, also known as probiotics. There are many, many strains of probiotics and the more diverse population, the healthier your gut will become. Some common friendly bacteria are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, but the more diverse and abundant the probiotic, the better.

*Quick Tip: Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of Full Fat Greek Yogurt in to your diet or use Probiotic XYZ


Finally, we need to work to repair the inflammatory gut lining. This starts with a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet and proper supplementation. The repair process actually begins in step one of removal and continues to be repaired as we replace and replenish with healthy, gut friendly foods and supplements.

It is VERY important to correct and maintain an anti-inflammatory diet to promote health within the body. This includes, but not limited to, several servings of vegetables every day, lean protein sources, and healthy fats. By eliminated refined grains, sugars, and unhealthy omega 6 fats, we can promote healing within the body.

*Quick Tip: Follow the DeFlame Diet. See more information HERE