Bolouke 60 capsules by Canada RNA Biochemical Inc.

Bolouke by Canada RNA Biochemical Inc.


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Description Dosage
BOLUOKE 60 capsules by Canada RNA
Scientific name: A proprietary enzyme mixture containing lumbrokinase extracted from earthworms (Eisenia Fetida)
Main function
⇒ supports and maintains healthy coagulation activity of the body
Physiological effects already shown in scientific literature
⇒ activates plasminogen system & hydrolyzes fibrin directly
⇒ lowers PAI-1, fibrinogen, ESR, and C-RP levels
⇒ lowers whole blood viscosity & plasma viscosity
⇒ reduces platelet aggregation

Potential applications
Many acute and chronic conditions commonly associated with modern diet and lifestyle often lead to a hypercoagulable blood state, which means the body’s fibrinolytic activity is underfunctioning relative to the body’s pro-coagulation activity. In a hypercoagulable state, these two systems are out of balance and the blood is more prone to forming excessive fibrin.

Boluoke can support the body’s fibrinolytic system and bring the whole system back into a more balanced state. Hypercoagulation is not a disease, but merely a blood state that is often associated with many conditions. However, it can contribute to the progression and deterioration of many conditions if it is not brought back into balance.

The causes for hypercoagulation may be inflammation, infection, trauma, toxicities, etc., and correcting the underlying causes is the long-term solution.

Major advantages:
⇒ oral preparation; no injection required
⇒ supported by many scientific and human data
⇒ does not significantly affect INR, PT or aPTT
⇒ standardized enzymatic strength ⇒ excellent safety records and well tolerated Dosage
⇒ maximal effect: 2 capsules 3x per day 30 minutes before each meal for 3~6 weeks or as recommended by a physician
⇒ maintenance: 1 capsule 1~3x per day 30 minutes before each meal Contra-indications
⇒ recent surgery, lumbar/arterial puncture, or trauma ⇒ high-risk aneurysm, GI ulceration/bleeding, or any bleeding disorders
⇒ concurrent administration of strong anti-platelets like Plavix , Ticlid, etc.
⇒ known allergy to lumbrokinase or earthworms

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