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CordImmune by Canada RNA Biochemical Inc.

CordImmune by Canada RNA Biochemical Inc.


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CordImmune (Cordyceps Sinensis) 300mg x 60caps by Canada RNA Biochemical Inc.
0.3% Adenosine, 0.2% cordycepin, 18% polysaccharides (super cs-4 strain)
The Ultimate Anti-Aging Mushroom

Like Coriolus, Reishi, and Maitake, Cordyceps is not actually an herb, but rather a fungal mushroom. Cordyceps has the reputation of been the best anti-aging herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and modern research has shown its anti-aging effects on virtually all systems of the human body. With modern deep-layer fermentation technology, we can now mass cultivate Cordyceps and make it much more affordable to your patients.

Cordimmune is a high quality formulation containing cordyceps, a fungal mushroom used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to address issues of fatigue. Cordyceps has been shown to modulate cellular immune function, inhibit inflammation and support a healthy cardiovascular system. It has been used as an anti-aging supplement, to support all the major organs of the body and to improve quality of life.

Cordyceps has been researched to help protect the liver and kidney from hepato- and nephro-toxic drugs and to support athletic performance and endurance.

In addition, it has been studied for its anti-microbial activity and has been suggested to inhibit the growth and replication of candida, influenza, herpes simplex and Clostridium without adverse effects on the growth of healthy gut flora such as Bifidobacterium.

Cordimmune contains a full spectrum of Cordyceps compounds: cordecepin, cordycepic acid, adenosine and polysaccharides, which together are thought to provide beneficial synergistic effects.
Due to potential interactions with DNA as a nucleoside analog and a transcription chain terminator, CordImmune is not recommended for use by women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant, or by infants or children unless under the supervision of a physician.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children.

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