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BrainSpan is a test to measure the level of inflammation for a person by measuring the amounts of Omega-3, Omega-6, EPA and DHA.

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Comprehensive Detox Kit by DesBio BioPro30 by DesBio Ultra K2-D3 by Anabolic Laboratories
BioPro30 by DesBio
Member Price: $39.00
hA2cg Evolution by DesBio KDIR Fluidren by Systemic Formulas Orthomega 820 by Ortho Molecular
hA2cg Evolution by DesBio
Member Price: $47.50


Customer Testimonials

Excellent price and service.We will be ordering more of this product from you.Thanks

Don,  Alpine TX

Hi,I have been buying the Detox Kit for my daughter because it is helping her symptoms of Lyme Disease.  I have also bought the viles from you and recently I bought Stress EZ, Focus and Anxiety drops for my my son to try.  I am also trying the Detox Kit for myself to see if it will help relieve my head pain.  If not, I'll try another of DesBio's products. Thank You for being sooo nice to buy from!

Debbie, Tarpon Springs FL 

I have been ordering this for several years and always friendly service and immediate shipping.  I just wish there were sale prices on these two products since I use them daily.

Eleanor , Indiana PA