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FemPlex by Nutriplex

FemPlex by Nutriplex

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FemPlex by Nurtiplex Formulas 250 tablets
Modern Diet and the Environment can throw hormones out of balance as these glands try to regulate bodily processes like puberty, menopause, sexual function and reproduction. The result can be negative symptoms, such as hot flashes, PMS, cramps, bloating, headaches, anxiety, irritability and exhaustion.

FemPlex gently offers female hormonal glands the nutrients that allow them to function optimally again so aches and pains won’t interfere with living life to its fullest.
Excellent for female health, hormones & more!

Female Hormonal System
Female Endocrine System
Female Stress & Energy

Difficult menstrual periods with cramping, headaches, excessive bloating and irregular bleeding may point to disruption of the female hormonal system and other supportive systems. Refined sugar and coffee, for example, may leach minerals out of the cells and set off a chain reaction of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Altered and processed oils commonly disrupt hormonal balance and glandular function. The foods and herbs in FemPlex are designed to bring real nutrients into the body to support females at the cellular level.

Therefore, in addition to supplementation with FemPlex, an eating regimen to “clean up” the diet and bolster immune system function is prudent. As “weak estrogens,” having 1/50,000 the potency of a dose of synthetic estrogen, certain bioflavonoids (contained within the foods in FemPlex) help to regulate estrogen levels, as they contain compounds that bind to estrogen receptors and act as a substitute form of estrogen in the body — especially beneficial when the body is no longer producing adequate supplies.

Additional Info
• Hormonal glands and tissues
• Problems with PMS, menopause and female hormonal difficulties
• Bone health and repair
• Healing of tissues
• Situations of low-progesterone levels
• Irregular periods
• Red blood cell formation
• Pituitary and thyroid health
• Proper hormonal system development and maintenance from puberty to post-menopause

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