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Glucosamine HCl by Pure Encapsulations

Glucosamine HCl by Pure Encapsulations

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Glucosamine HCl by Pure Encapsulations

  • Enhanced cartilage support
  • Contains manganese for optimal tissue support
  • Made with premium ingredients
Glucosamine Complex combines three forms of naturally occurring glucosamine compounds in one dietary supplement to help facilitate cartilage support. Glucosamine Complex helps to build the matrix of collagen and connective tissue that forms cartilage
Additional Info
Shellfish-free glucosamine hydrochloride
*This unique glucosamine HCl is manufactured in a proprietary process to produce a shellfish-free glucosamine supplement. It is produced via a corn fermentation process that produces chitosan as a byproduct. The chitosan is extracted and processed to achieve glucosamine HCl. There is no allergenicity, as no corn DNA is present in the fermentation product. Studies have indicated that glucosamine HCl has the ability to support healthy cartilage integrity, in part by maintaining healthy matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzyme activity. In other studies, formulations containing glucosamine HCl have suggested positive effects on joint mobility and comfort.
Pure Encapsulations glucosamine HCl is a shellfish-free glucosamine source for healthy joint function.