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IP6 Health by Hope Science

IP6 Health by Hope Science

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IP6 Health 240 capsules by Hope Science
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IP6 has been called the “Product of the Decade” and “Aspirin of the 21st Century” because there are so potential benefits of this all natural antioxidant

Bone Health IP6 Health is rich in the bone building nutrients; calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Recent research indicates that this largely unknown nutrient may be the secret to healthy bones.
Immune Function IP6 Health has been shown to enhance immune function (for which a US patent was awarded) by boosting the activity of natural killer cells and maintaining normal cell growth.*
Kidney Health Studies have shown that IP6 may reduce calcium in the urine and inhibit calcium oxalate crystal formation.
Heart Health IP6 has been shown to support normal cholesterol levels.
Potent Antioxidant — IP6 is one of nature’s most potent nutritional antioxidants.IP6 Health is the patented combination of one molecule of inositol and one molecule of IP6. Therefore IP6 Health has twice as many molecules of insositol than pure IP6 has on its own. As the “little brother” of IP6, inositol is not as potent as IP6. However the two molecules complement each other’s actions and are more potent as a team. With the research reported by NBC, it begs the question, “What would the potential be of the more powerful, yet safe, combination of IP6 and inositol?"