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At Cincinnati Health Institute we believe in the 4R's of Intestinal Restoration by Desbio

This is a step-by-step guide to an 8-week overhaul of the digestive tract. This program can be adjusted to fit the needs of any patient. Get started on the path to optimal gut health with Cincinnati Health Institute.

There are 4 major areas of attention in this program:
Remove: triggers like toxins, parasites, and food particles
Repair: damaged, inflamed intestinal tissue and structural abnormalities
Replace: digestive secretions and vital enzymes
Reinoculate: with probiotics for a balanced gut microbiome

Read The Entire Protocol HERE And Read More About
Healing the Gut Naturally Here
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Motil-Ease by DesBio Motil-Ease by DesBio
MSRP: $23.90
Intestinal Restore by DesBio Intestinal Restore by DesBio
MSRP: $55.90
Member Price: $46.89
Save: $9.01
Digestaze by DesBio Digestaze by DesBio
MSRP: $63.90
Member Price: $55.89
Save: $8.01
Leaky Gut Bundle Leaky Gut Bundle by Desbio
On Backorder- MSRP: $81.00
Member Price: $70.00
Save: $11.00