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What is a liposome? A liposome is a protective coating, using a lipid bilayer that envelops the target nutrient. This is very similar to every cell in our body which is protected by a lipid bilayer. The cells lipid bilayer protects the inner workings of the cell, but also selectively allows nutrients in, while expelling toxins and wastes. Liposomal vitamins and supplements operate with a lipid bilayer as well, that works to protect the major molecule inside. They offer better absorption of nutrients and allow faster absorption of higher dosages into one’s systems, while having less side effects than your capsule, tablet or powder form supplements. Reaching an initial therapeutic dose is much easier when using liposomals.

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Liposomal Methyl B by DesBio Liposomal Methyl B 2 oz by DesBio
MSRP: $79.90
Member Price: $77.95
Save: $1.95
Liposomal Vitamin C by DesBio Liposomal Vitamin C by DesBio
MSRP: $65.90
Member Price: $59.90
Save: $6.00
Liposomal Catalyst by Debsio Liposomal Catalyst by Debsio
MSRP: $76.00
Member Price: $67.90
Save: $8.10