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WOBENZYM N 200'S REVISED by Douglas Labs

WOBENZYM N 200'S REVISED by Douglas Labs

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Product Code: DL201213-200X

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WOBENZYM N 200'S REVISED by Douglas Labs

Wobenzym® N is the authentic German formula of systemic enzymes. This well-known classic enzyme preparation is designed to promote healthy joints and muscles, as well as systemic processes that contribute to the healthy aging process.

It works like this‚ enzymes (like the ones you'll find in Wobenzym® N 200) facilitate a wide variety of chemical reactions in the body like nutrient breakdown and absorption; these have further‚ far reaching health-related implications. For instance‚ Wobenzym® N 200 Tablets feature Pancreatin ‚ a combination of three pancreatic enzymes that work to regulate our digestion. Amylase signals the transformation of starches to sugars. Lipase is responsible for breaking down fats; and protease breaks down proteins into amino acids. Without these reactions‚ our digestive system is disrupted‚ which may not only cause some gastrointestinal discomfort‚ but it may also affect nutrient absorption - which is nothing to take lightly. But by including these three essential enzymes‚ Wobenzym® N 200 may potentially support healthy digestion.

An interesting note : supporting proper digestion may also support your immunity. When our digestive system is working properly‚ it is able to produce the proper substances that can kill most pathogens that may enter our system.

In addition to these digestive enzymes‚ Wobenzym® N 200 Tablets also feature enzymes that may exhibit some anti-inflammatory properties like Papain . In fact‚ in order to offer some possible relief for those with joint discomfort‚ Wobenzym® N features Bromelain Trypsin Rutin ‚ a combination suggested by studies and research to possibly help alleviate some age related mild joint discomfort and pain

Additional Info
WARNING: If you are pregnant or breast feeding‚ suffer from bleeding disorders or liver damage‚ or if you are taking anticoagulant drugs (such as warfarin)‚ consult a healthcare professional before using this product.
Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.

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