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Your health status is not determined by the scale."

-Dr. Andrea Violette

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Dr. Violette earned her B.S. in exercise science in 2008 from Pfeiffer University. She joined Cincinnati Health Institute as an intern in October 2011. She earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2011.

She is an expert in her field in chiropractic, alternative health care, whole food supplements, agriculture and the proper path to achieve optimal health and wellness. She is well-versed in the areas of acupuncture, natural pain relief, organic foods, non-GMO products, weightloss, business and sports therapy.

Dr. Violette is an accomplished hunter and fisherman. You can find her in a tree stand searching for tomorrow's venison dinner during deer season! She is a strict wildlife conservationist and only hunts what she plans to eat. She is a vocal supporter of wild game nutrition and has created her own unique diet plan that highlights the importance of natural nutrition and eating "locally", often referred to as a localvore.

In addition to her work with Cincinnati health Institute, Dr. Violette manages a farm stand through Burwinkel farms during the summer months. She grows, harvests and sells all natural fruits and vegetables locally and is a vocal advocate of buying food locally and supporting the small farmer.

Dr. Violette lives what Cincinnati Health Institute believes, making her an integral part of the growth and success of Cincinnati health Institute.

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