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Berberine by EuroMedica Nerve Complex by EuroMedica CuraPro Syrup by EuroMedica
Berberine by EuroMedica
Although the compound berberine is found in many botanicals, the berberine in Berberine 500 mg is a root and bark extract from Berberis aristata, also known as Indian barberry. Berberine has been noted for generations in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese practice as having benefits for many aspects of well-being.
Current research beyond directly metabolic-related factors has found that berberine may support cognitive health and brain function as well as cellular, cardiovascular, and liver function.

Nerve Complex by EuroMedica
When you are looking for ways to maintain the health of your nerves and feet, it can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is Nerve Complex. This powerful combination of nutrients provides support for nerve function, proper blood circulation, and blood sugar metabolism, to help you stay active and comfortable. Supports healthy nerve function, especially in the feet and hands, aids proper blood circulation, supports healthy blood sugar metabolism.
CuraPro Syrup by EuroMedica
If you have difficulty swallowing capsules, tablets, or softgels, CuraPro Syrup offers you a distinct advantage. It features the same clinically studied curcumin blended with turmeric essential oil for enhanced absorption, blood retention, and beneficial turmerones, in a mild, sweet-tasting syrup.