Ha2cg Guide
Ha2cg Guide

The Ha2cg Evolution diet works on the premise that ha2cg targets NONESSENTIAL fat, therefore helping you to lose fat that is considered "obesity causing", while preserving structural fat our bodies need to function. These nonessential fat reserves are not released during normal diet and exercise. These homeopathic drops are taken at least 3 times per day and there are significant dietary restrictions. Rapid weight loss is the norm on this diet. If you are ready to get serious about food choices and for rapid weight loss, give our office a call and ask how you can get started.Read through the diet guide or check out support materials to get acquainted with what our customers are calling "The best diet program they've ever tried".

Step by Step Guide for Ha2cg

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REMEMBER: Ha2cg Evolution Drops should not be consumed longer than 42 days without a break. Please review page 23 of the diet guide.

Take a look below for a quick guide to foods on and off the program!

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